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'Your Pregnancy' Brochure

Still Aware is committed to providing free, up-to-date information to expectant families Australia-wide.

Your Brochure

Still Aware believes important information about keeping babies safe in pregnancy should be free for all, whatever your social circumstances.

Our 'Your Pregnancy' Brochure is updated yearly to ensure all information is up-to-date and factually correct, and all information is backed by the Still Aware Clinical Advisory Board. It includes:

  • An in-depth, trimester-by-trimester pregnancy timeline

  • Safe sleeping information

  • Advice on how to monitor your baby's movements

  • Trusting your intuition

  • Still Aware Daily Actions Magnet

  • Common FAQs, and more.

Download an Online 'Your Pregnancy' Brochure or Order a Brochure to be mailed to you. Alternatively, ask your clinician for our brochure at your next visit!

Your Pregnancy Brochure

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If you found our brochures or safer pregnancy information helpful, please consider sharing it with those who you think may need it. Together, we can help reduce preventable stillbirth. If you want to make a donation to support Still Aware, you can do so below.