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Free Education and Brochure

Still Aware provides free information to expectant families and clinicians Australia-wide.


We offer free online Safer Pregnancy Workshops to consumers, including expectant families, friends and family wanting to support someone who is pregnant, and parents who are experiencing pregnancy after loss. 

More information coming soon. 

Brochure Information

Still Aware believes important information about keeping babies safe in pregnancy should be free for all, whatever your social circumstances.

Download our Your Pregnancy brochure online (click here)
And, our Daily Actions For Your Safer Pregnancy (click here)

You can also order a brochure to be mailed to you.

Altneratively, ask your clinician for our brochure at your next visit.

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Still Aware can be found at the next Pregnancy and Children's Expo in your local city? Find our Still Aware stall for our free information on safe pregnancy, and use the time to talk with us more about the importance of monitoring baby's movements. We really enjoy meeting all the expectant families Australia-wide.