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Getting To Know Your Baby

Getting to know your baby is vital to ensure a safe pregnancy. Below we'll go through why.


Your baby's only way to communicate with you is through movement, and the only direct link your baby has to the outside world is through its mother!

Taking time each day to monitor your baby’s movements and getting to know your baby, is as important as mothers staying healthy. By setting aside time daily to feel your baby kick, roll or poke, you can bond with your bump and check on your baby’s health as well.

Even if you have been pregnant before, remember every pregnancy is unique. You and your baby have a connection, so trust your inner voice. If something doesn't feel right, perhaps it isn't. If you feel strange or uneasy in any way or are worried about you or your baby, contact your care provider immediately, do not wait. 


You are your baby's link and voice to the outside world.


Watch Rachel's story of how listening to her instincts helped save her baby Arlo:

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