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Second Trimester

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As your tummy starts to grow, so does your baby and the important bond you will create with your 'bump'. This stage in pregnancy is when many expectant parent's start to feel their pregnancy is more real, and by 16 weeks you may already be starting to feel baby move.

13-27 Weeks

During this trimester it's important to remember that every baby, every body, and every pregnancy is different. There is no set number of normal movements, or a set date during your pregnancy of when you should start to feel your baby move. We encourage mothers not to compare their pregnancies with others, but rather to trust themselves and their baby's to develop their own pattern of movements. 

This trimester is a busy one for Mum with several tests and ultrasounds to book in. Luckily you may have more energy than you did in the first trimester, which will hopefully bring you some relief from any sickness or fatigue!


Did you know?

  • Your baby is the size of an apple by 15 weeks gestation. 

  • Your baby can hear your voice by 18 weeks gestation.

  • In Australia, the Whooping Cough vaccination is recommended before your baby is born and is free for all pregnant women.

  • You may start to feel "flutters" during this trimester, many women describe the feeling as butterflies or feeling like they have 'gas'. You baby will move more and more up to 32 weeks then stay the same until you give birth.

Second Trimester Tracking

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