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Working with Indigenous Nations to co-Design Stillbirth awareness resources


Winds Of Change Project


Project Background

Still Aware is the only not-for-profit organisation in Australia dedicated to raising awareness of stillbirth. In this project we are working alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mobs to surface knowledge that can guide us towards important understandings around stillbirth awareness and risks in order to carry and birth a baby safely.

This project exists because statistics identify high rates of stillbirth in Aboriginal communities. Currently, research shows Aboriginal women experience stillbirth at 2-3 times the rate as non-Aboriginal women. 

The Department of Health grant awarded to Still Aware is a project grant that will cover six regions across Australia. We have started in the Pilbara region, where the project workshop was called Gurlu Gurlu Wangka which means Yarns about Children in the Ngarluma language. As we travel through other regions, the project team will give each region the opportunity to find their own translation of the project to allow their own ways of identifying.


The amazing artwork for this project was painted by Margaret Ramirez. It came to her in a vision after hearing about the project. Watch the video below to hear her describe what the painting means.


Meet The Team

Project Regions

As part of this project we seek and aim to work with six different regions across Australia, starting with the Pilbara region as the 'Pilot' region for this project. Other regions have not been identified and will not be until connections have been made with other regions who confirm wanting to work with us.

The strategy and approach to finding connections with other regions will occur organically, and meet and greets will be arranged to allow interested regions to explore with us before confirming the commitment to be one of the regions we work with. The Pilot region for this project will set the tone and develop the resources we will build on with other regions. To know more about regions, see the map below: 

Native Lands Map

WINDS Workshop Feedback

Solid- Safe- Authentic

Interactive and Inclusive workshop. Not spoken down to, made to feel included

I really enjoyed the workshop as it was interactive and very encouraging of discussion


Stay up to date

To stay up to date with project updates or new regions as they join the project, please monitor this page or follow us on Instagram and Facebook at @still_aware.