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Daniel Manning

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Daniel was our first very much wanted baby.

It was a very easy pregnancy and everything was going to plan until 10 days before my due date and I realised I had not felt the baby move all day.

We went to the hospital and were told those words that no parents ever want to hear:

“I am so sorry but there is no heartbeat”.

I was inducted the next day but Daniel was not born for 36 hours. I hope and prayed that the doctor was wrong and my baby would be alive when he came out, but unfortunately, they were right – he was silent, and still, but perfect in every other way.

We were able to hold him and stay with him for 2 days and our families were able to meet him. Then we had to say goodbye and leave our beautiful baby boy behind at the hospital while we went home to our empty home.

It was so hard to go home and walk back into the nursery that Rod had only just finished getting ready 5 days before we delivered Daniel.

Then we had a funeral for him with our family and friends supporting us. And that was the last time we got to see our baby boy. I will never forget his perfect face. I miss him every day.

We now have 3 daughters but I will never have my son. Our beautiful baby boy forever Daniel.

Story written by Janelle and Rodney Manning, Parents to Daniel Manning (5/5/2014)

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