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Jaikob Dylan Miles

Posted by Still Aware

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24 September 2002

Jaikob was our first born. He wasn’t planned but once the shock wore off Pete and I were both excited. My pregnancy was very smooth no issues, well until I was 34 weeks. On the Friday I had my normal check up, everything was good, strong heart beat and lots of movement. The weekend came and I had noticed he wasn’t moving as much, but I put it down to things we’re getting tight in there and didn’t worry as I had just had my check up. 

On the Monday I noticed my back was a little sore, once again first pregnancy just thought it was part of it. By Tuesday morning the pain was worse, so off to the hospital we went. Once I had told the midwife what was going on they took me straight upstairs to be monitored. The two training midwives couldn’t find a heartbeat so downstairs for a ultrasound. Lying there with the technician trying to find a heartbeat I looked at Pete tearing up… then those words’ I’m sorry, I can’t find a heartbeat ‘. 

I think I screamed the hospital down. 

Once back in my room, Pete went to make that awful phone call to both our mums. By the time they got to the hospital I was in labor, maybe it was the shock I really don’t know. With Pete and both our mums in the room Jaikob was born in an hour and a half. He was perfect, and we all got to hold him and spend time with him.

We don’t know the cause and never will. We went on to have 2 more children Dylan Jaxon and Kayla Jade. They know about their brother and we talk about him often and imagine how crazy our house would be with him here. 15 years on and he’s never far from our thoughts. 

I still tear up thinking about his birthday but happy to talk about him as hopefully my story may help others. I also think loosing Jaikob has made me a better parent knowing how loss feels, it don’t take them for granted.


Written by Kerri-Anne Miles, Jaikob’s Mum.

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