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Mason Michael Gauthier

Posted by Still Aware

Date posted:

27 June 2018

At 35.5 weeks I went in for my biweekly check-up with my family doctor, previous to this I was feeling so decrease in movement.This was my first pregnancy so I wasn’t entirely sure what was normal and what wasn’t. I asked several of my friends who were pregnant before it what I was experiencing was normal,

I felt his body moving around in there but I was no longer feeling kicks. Everyone told me that he was just getting so big he had less room to move. I still felt very uneasy but knew I had a doctors appointment approaching so against my better judgement I waited. Iexpressed my concerns to my doctor and she took out the Doppler to find his heart beat but was having issues finding it. I knew something was wrong because normally she can find his heartbeat within seconds. She scheduled me for a emergency ultrasound where they confirmed there was no heartbeat. They weren’t sure what caused this. I went through ten hours of labor and gave birth to my son at 10:15 that night. After I had him they assumed the cord wrapped around his neck. We decided against an autopsy because the doctor was pretty certain that was the cause of death. I did allow them to test my placenta though, which three months later I found out blood clots in my placenta blocked the oxygen flow to my son and killed him. Our lives will never be the same after this summer and we miss our boy more than anything. After experiencing this first hand it really makes me want to raise awareness of stillbirth as it is a very taboo subject but should be talked about. It can happen and people should be aware of that and taught about it. I also think talking about it can be very beneficial to those grieving and the ones around them. Mommy and daddy love you Mason.


Written by Tiana Brown, Mason’s Mum

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