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The Visual Project

We are putting together a very special project, and we need your help…

6 babies are born without breath every day in Australia. We know the devastating facts, but do we know who these babies are? Do we know their faces? Imagine if we could give visual to these little lives and help people understand these babies exist, and they are part of a family.

Help us create a visual project of the 2,200 faces lost to stillbirth every year in Australia.

If this is something you might be comfortable doing, and you want to help, send us a photo of your baby including their name, date of birth, and any other information about their story and your family that you wish to include.

*Please keep in mind this is a public project, and your baby’s photo will be used in awareness campaigns to help increase stillbirth awareness and education for prevention. By submitting your baby’s photo *

Give visual to your baby, and help us raise awareness.