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Our Campaigns

The Movements Matter campaign has been in operation since 2014, forming part of the free information and education Still Aware offers to expectant families and clinicians Australia-wide.

Research tells us that monitoring a baby's movements can help prevent the risk of a stillbirth. In Norway, mothers monitoring their babies movements daily in the third trimester resulted in a 30% reduction in stillbirth. 

The information we provide is backed by research, and has seen success in other countries at reducing stillbirth rates. 

Claire Foord, who founded Still Aware in 2014, is leading the message to expectant families in Australia that by monitoring baby's movements and reporting any changes, up to a third of stillbirths can be prevented.

"Over the past 20 years there has been little reduction in stillbirth rates in Australia, where one in 135 pregnancies will end in the devastation of a baby born still.

"Yet in the same time frame, Norway has shown a 30 percent reduction in stillbirth! They have a national campaign encouraging and supporting monitoring of babies movements. Similarly there is a US-run organisation who promote the movements matter message, and in Iowa adopting these methods has reduced stillbirth by close to 30 percent since it was founded in 2003."