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Stillbirth Senate Enquiry

On 4 December 2018, the Australian Federal Government announced that they will be committing $7m to stillbirth.

Stillbirth rates have not changed in over two decades but today, with this financial commitment there is a new sense of hope on the horizon for bereaved and expectant families alike.

“In the 25 years since my daughter Emma’s stillbirth the stillbirth rates in Australia have barely changed but tonight the Australian government have finally made commitments to strategies that will certainly save babies lives, congratulations to all involved” – Emma’s mother, Associate Professor Jane Warland (Still Aware board member)

Thank you to the Greg Hunt MP Nicolle Flint Member for Boothby Senator Jim Molan and Liberal Party of Australia with much needed funding for stillbirth awareness, education, research and support we can journey to end preventable stillbirth in Australia.

Please visit the Parliament of Australia Stillbirth Research and Education Report for further details. 

Update 15 October 2019: The launch of the Safer Baby Bundle.

The latest iniative by the Stillbirth Centre of Research and Excellence - which has been funded following the Senate Enquiry into Stillbirth - was launched today in Canberra. The Safer Baby Bundle is being trialled across NSW, Victoria and Queensland to help improve the clinical care practises in maternity care for over 175,000 Australian families a year in those regions.

We know that programs like this ARE effective at reducing stillbirth - we've seen it happen in Scotland where stillbirth rates reduced by 20%! Well done Stillbirth CRE and all the collaborative organisations and policy makers for implementing such an important stillbirth awareness program - Still Aware is proud to be involved as an in-kind partner.